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# 610 : Let's Get This Over Papa...

UPDATE 15th February 2011

This Article is specifically for Papa @ Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah.

I hope you'd understand what i mean in this particular article of mine.

This is just to comfirm with you Papa of my bank account and account number.

The below is the screenshot & scanned image of my HSBC Account with my account number as proof.

I opened an account with HSBC with 1 purpose, to simplies you & fasten things without intereference of parasites between us.

I just opened this account on the 11th February 2011. It's not easy to open an account at HSBC. The qualification were tight.

The above is a screenshot from my Online Banking @ HSBC , noticed my full name on top-right ?

That is a saving account, i could only open this kind of account for the time being.

For YOU Papa... you should open a " HSBC Premier Account ". It has more privileges, control and benefits.

Why HSBC ??? Because it's a World's Local Bank. It has branches in 88 countries, it has multi-currency account, it has off-shore banking account etc.

What's best about using World's Local Bank (HSBC) ??? Any transfer between HSBC to HSBC account is a local transfer / internal transfer.

Meaning, transferring money internationally from HBSC to another HSBC account will not get through Central Bank (Bank Negara), as it is a local transfer within the bank's internal system. Thus eliminate the hanky panky / bureaucracy / red-tapes / aswell unscrupulous immoral corrupted political govermental personels at the Central Bank (Bank Negara) could not touch our money / your money Papa.

Considering local transfer between account, the transfer will be INSTANTLY like making instant noodle.

How ever, since i'm a Malaysian. I'm bounded the Malaysian law. There is an Act known as AMLA (Anti-Money Laundering Act 2002) for international incoming & outgoing transfer of large amount. But this is not a problem with you or receiving money from you Papa @ Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah. Bear in mind, you are the richest men on earth aswell a "Head of  a Country" with diplomatic privileges. Do you know what does that means ? It means, you are out from any law, you are not bounded by any law !!! Meaning, your HSBC Premier Account will be put in a X-directory (special folder / special customer), only a certain person in the bank have the authority level to access your account details. And your account too will be out from any bank limit or monitoring (out from AMLA). Get the picture ?

HSBC Malaysia stated that incoming / receiving amount more than RM 50,000 (RM49,999 max limit) will be reported to Bank Negara Malaysia. But... since i will receiving money from you @ Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah, with your name and identification of your account as the incoming transfer. That wouldn't be a problem, passed !!! RM 800,000,000.00 (RM 800 Million) in a one go transfer wouldn't be a problem.

That's your privileges, now let's go for the trick to by pass hanky panky and parasites. Open up a HSBC Premier account in HSBC Brunei at http://www.hsbc.com.bn/1/2/hsbcpremier/home , wired some money in your HSBC Premier account, let say BND $ 500,000,000.00 (BND $ 500 Million, that's equivalent to RM 1.23 Billion).

Next step : created / register your online profile (one time setup) at http://www.hsbc.com.bn (or yours at which country your main Premier account opened at). In the registration page, choose the option for "Phone Banking" (not ATM card), this will give it a harder security. You will be provided with Phone Banking authentication number and PIN number during the time of opening your account. Register your online banking with it. NOTE : you should request for a "Security Device" as below picture, read on i'll explain later what's the use of it. Complete your particular details, and there will be an option for you to choose from, tick / select the option "I have a security device", then it will ask you to put the serial number at the back of the device. Thenafter, you are done !!! Please logout from your account after the registertion completed. Then login again using the option "Login With Security Device", it will ask for your username, password, secondary password. And... And... the 6 digit code provided by your "security device" gadget.

Once you've re-logged in your account, go to (look at left side of the page) "Services" > Change Limit , change your daily maximum limit transaction, as example, mine has RM 10 Million per/day limit. Since yours a Premier and Special customer, you might have a BND $ 100 Million limit by default, OR you could ask your HSBC Premier Manager during the opening of your account to make the limit to BND $ 500 Million per/day or per/transaction. (NOTE : this max limit transfer function only available when login with "security device".)

NOW that you are ready to make the initial transfer. Make sure you've put and wired sufficient sum into your HSBC Premier account. Then (look at the left side of the page) Click the word "Transfers" > Make a Transfer.
As the above image / screenshot. The 1st box (From Account), select which of your account to use, HSBC / HSBC Amanah. Then click at "Check Balance".

Then at the 2nd box (Transfer To), select "Other HSBC / HSBC Amanah Banking Account". This will be my account type, Yes... Mine is HSBC Banking Account.

Next at the 3rd box (Beneficiary Details), enter 301 - 592135 - 025 as that is my account number (Please refer to the below account statement image for confirmation), and please use MYR (RM) as the currency to be transfer and receive by beneficiary (Yes... i want in MYR / RM Papa).

As for the 4th Box (Transfer), entered the amount of that you want to transfer to me, for RM 800 Million, just enter 800000000 (that is 8 after 0 / zeros apart from the number 8 at the front, the system will automatically adjust it as to 800,000,000.00). Then at the another box below it, select the option "In The Currency of The Payment", since MYR were selected.

Then at the 5th box (Date and Frequency), tick at "Transfer Now". Ofcourse you want it to be transfer now. This will be instantly, like making instant noodle. It's local transfer between HSBC account.

As for the 6th Box (Detail), you can leave this empty or add a note to your account so that you could be enlighten for who and what the payment / transaction are for.

NOW... the best part, at the 7th Box (Exchange Control), select the code 15100 Government Transactions. Since you are the Government of your own Papa @ Head of Country Brunei.

Lastly... Please double / triple check all that you entered are correct and right. Especially at the beneficiary detail, my account number and the amount.

THEN... Click at TRANSFER !!!

You can monitor the transaction yourself from where ever you are, even in toilet while soaping in your jacuzzi. If it successful, it will stated in the transaction confirmation right after you click the button "Transfer". If it pending, you can keep track in the transfer history function. It will not pending since it's a local transfer (HSBC to HSBC).

I prefer this method, World's Local Bank, since any branches of it from 88 countries will be local transfer (instant). Rather than wired / telegraphic transfer, international wired transfer will takes about 2 - 4 days for clearance. Wired transfer has Hefty Bank fee, currency conversion rate, upon Bank Negara approval etc all the hanky panky purposely causes by those corrupted and parasites aswell you can't monitor the wired transfer progress. PLEASE DO NOT USE WIRED TRANSFER. ( * HSBC to HSBC transfer are fee free. Except for currency conversion. Premier Account has the best rate given by HSBC for currency conversion.)

Dear Papa @ Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah, if you think the above still not swift  enough to by pass the hanky panky that will be cause by Bank Negara Malaysia as the proxy of those corrupted and bureaucRATs. Hehehe... as a Premier & Special customer of HSBC, your main account is at HSBC Brunei, you can ask your Personal Premier Manager to open you a Premier Account here in HSBC Malaysia (as well you can validate my account too to special things up, you can provide HSBC with sufficient documents that i am your son / adopted son), you don't have to come to HSBC branch Malaysia. Do it and just open it from HSBC Brunei using your Premier account detail there to open another Premier Account without going to HSBC Malaysia. Then... transfer the amount from your HSBC Brunei Premier account to your own HSBC Malaysia Premier account, then from your HSBC Malaysia Premier, transfer it to My HSBC account as above. Simple... !!! Nobody will question you... not even Bank Negara. Since it's your own account in Brunei to your own account in Malaysia. BY PASS !!! Then from your Premier HSBC Malaysia account to My Malaysia HSBC account. All via online Papa... 24 / 7 / 365 !!! Trust no one, just trust your self. This will let you have total control from A to Z and monitor it your self, no one can con you nor telling lies to you. ( * If you have more than one HSBC Premier Account, you can link up all your other account in just 1 online banking profile / login. It is called HSBC Multi-Account online banking.)

Oh... Why i chose HSBC ? Apart from them being the World's Local Bank ??? Because they are a Foreign Bank, and the 4th Largest Bank in the World. And they took care of my privacy and secrecy. Unlike the kampung and low mentality local banks in Malaysia, most of them are politically connected, they are corrupted. My privacy breached before, including CIMB, AMBank Mastercard, etc. Some people knows about my financial details, and they are speculating, i heard it. I have my informations from a reliable source.

For your info Papa, in Malaysia, there is a "Banking and Financial Institutions Act 1989" known as BAFIA. Please reads it here : http://www.bnm.gov.my/index.php?ch=14&pg=17&ac=14&full=1 , refer to Claus Part XIII - INFORMATIONS & SECRECY. Financial instituition cannot reveal my (customer) account details nor particular details or breach the customer right without the permission of the customer or requested by the customer, not even police (corrupted police), and not even personels from Bank Negara Malaysia. Except by a "Court Order" ONLY !!! If so happened privacy breach, the particular bank have to pay a penalty fine of RM 10 Million to the customer and the person responsible for the breach will entitled to a 10 years in prison. For your infomation Papa... HSBC Malaysia board of directors, all the executive power are held by HSBC person them self (non-Malaysian). The C.E.O HSBC Malaysia himself is aswell the C.E.O HSBC Amanah Global. Meaning, they give a darned about politic, they only care about their business and beneficial of their Bank, aswell to satisfy their customer needs and requirement.

Yes Papa @ Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah... those villains and corrupted, i will not allow them to touch my money, not a cent !!! And it is tax free... i repeat, tax-free !!! What law they can nor allow them to tax money given by a father to his son ??? Ask them to tell us... NONE !!! You should know Papa that those people had told you lies before... but this time, it come from me my self in this article. As you don't hear from them, but directly from me in this journal of mine. So that you will not be scam and fooled by them. You will get the correct account number of mine, and you got it right !!!

For that huge amount of RM 800 Million transferred to my account, you can be sure Papa that HSBC will call me to notify and acknowledge me, they will definately ask me to upgrade my account to a Premier Customer Account.

Let's get my suffocation over and this solve once and for all... !!! I've made my move, and it's your turn Papa.

The above is my account statement, stamped by HSBC officer herself to verified it genuinity.

My HSBC Account number : 301 - 592135 - 025 

This is HSBC Online Banking "Security Device"

Papa... You should opted for this when opening a HSBC Premier Account, because it will hardened the security of your online banking aswell to your phone banking.

As above i told you, when registering your online banking profile, registered it with your "phone banking" rather than ATM Card. Because your online and phone banking security verification will based on the digits code provided by this device.

I uses this option "security device" because no one can pretend to be me, even they call HSBC, because they will be required to give the 6-digits code from the device to verify them self as me. Aswell the 6-digits code from this device shall be entered to login to HSBC Online Banking for a full banking fuction with max limit and options.

Without this device code authentication, phone banking will no to avail. Online banking will be limited. Yes... one can login into HSBC Online Banking without the 6-digits code from this "security device", BUT limited functionality. Daily limit transaction will be limited to RM 1000 only (ATM witdrawal limit could not be set or change via online except for at the ATM Machine it self). And that's all can do without the device authentication. And you can't change anything in the account, not even the password. (Apart from level 2 of the secondary password). HSBC online banking has 3 layers of security authentication. I don't think it's a hassle or a fuss... but it's awesome !!! It's convenience for me... ofcourse i am not carrying this device anywhere i go, i keep it in my house safe box (vault).

NOTE : Every device of this "security device" is unique, it doesn't generate the same number of sequence. Every each has it own Algorithm Mathematical calculation, it uses 1024-bit persuedo random generator, it could be plus, minus, multiply or devide algorithm of each same device. It might generate the same 6-digits number, but it wont work with other people's account that registered with it. Since it serial number are different, that consist the algorithm mathetical calculation to generate the 6-digits code. Example : mine might be plus & minus algorithm, yours might be plus & multiply algorithm and a different starting number for it to generate the next code digits.
So... this is a taugh and non-figurable code "security device".

Best Regards,

Luqmanul Hakim bin Abd. Rahim bin Abdul Wahab

(+6) 017 - 330 8263

(+6) 019 - 338 7025





Baki akaun

So berapa tah your account balance? Adatah kena transfer? Sadang2 eh..

Nya org muka lawa tapi akal menampurong.

trace tia ip kami ani.. kalau setakat simpur or brunet atu provider saja tu...


Re: Baki akaun

Wow, The final outlook on the great Genius that single handily solved all of Malaysia's problem is in actuality a beggar. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA oh the hilarity !!

Yes yes the usual standard reply from you " otak udang , balik kampung , tak sadar didri"

Oh , the big difference between you aka "the genius" and us the " according to you, the dumb-dumb " Bila kami susah, His Majesty take action to help us his citizens and that virtue of His Majesty alone makes us love and loyal to him, a trait shared by members of the Royal Family. That alone separate our beloved Sultan and his family from the likes of people like you, the all mighty, the all knowning Luqiee whose sole reason to live is to beg money. I do find it funny tho, he has to stop to begging for money when he's (or he claimed ) to be doing so well with forex trading and online selling. My guess is that his dot.com bubble already burst.

P.S We would like to thank you for the months of entertaiment you have provided for us. Trace my IP if that help soothed your already shattered ego. I dont mind.I'm living happily ... Are you luqiee ?


Re: Baki akaun


You cannot buy into the family by flaunting false assertions, such as those boldly claimed by you, in this post. As the guy above clearly stated, His Majesty has won the hearts of his people through his philanthropy, his willingness to be one with the people of his country and we, as one sultanate, are more than honored and glad to serve His Majesty, and defend his right, his name and his honor 'till the day we breathe our last breaths'.

In Brunei Darussalam, we are all brothers and sisters, respecting those of noble rank, those of position and even those whose hard-work allows this country to function, even through at most, they are left uncredited. His Majesty does not forget about any of us, and he loves his people as we love him dearly.

Don't waste time trying to earn a dollar or two, using a method that is clearly and most frivolously "never.going.to.work!" when you can direct your more than capable mind to something like the guy above suggested - forex trading, online selling. The world is open to you man, you just have to have the right mindset and know never to give up 'til death do you part.

You can trace my IP too if you want dude, i'm just being real with you here. Someone needs to tell you straight in the noggin' to get your head straight and focus on the game ahead. I'm not afraid if you want to come down here and punch my lights out, cause frankly, I'd like to see you take two steps close to 10-feet of me without a problem - or any of us Bruneians as a matter of fact.

Be weary of what you write, you don't know who's watching, reading or ready to put a bad name for you. Just protect your welfare, dude.

Re: Baki akaun

Dear IP @ Brunet...

Let me tell u some facts... when i was in Brunei long time ago, during 2003 - 2004, i heard so many things from the Bruneian them self...

Some portion of them are not satisfied even with their own King, because they felt envious. Why the king is rich, why they are not ? Why the royalty members has so many luxury cars etc, why aren't they ?

Don't tell me bullshit that you loves your King... even in the royal family of Brunei they are traitors, one good example is Prince Jeffy... who swindled USD $ 60 Billion the correct amount of Brunei money, or should i say Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah's money. Who knows, u might be Jeffry's alliance that wrote to me. BINGO !!!

Do u think i am a moron ???

Another thing... Azrina Mazhar Hakim, was devorced because she was caught twice stealing from the Palace... do u think i don't know about this ??

Bear in mind... i wont listen to u, because u are a ghost, please be advise to put your fullname if you are righful as claimed, BERANI KERANA BENAR !!!

And u are not the king @ the sultan him self who say this, if HRM want, he himself will call me...

I know him better than u know him... that is what i call chemistry !!!

P/S : Nobelity doesn;t mean u have a noble heart. :-)


Re: Baki akaun

Jealousy is perhaps one reason why they are not getting anywhere in life. If I had one ounce of doubt the way they did, I would be walking around in circles instead of getting things done. Do you think it's good to be envious? They are rich because they own this land and the oil that their ancestors discovered provided them with a percentage base of the revenue created by BSP. And do you think that His Majesty gets money for sitting around doing nothing? Most definitely not. Tell me, if those Bruneians who ask why they have so many luxury cars and them not... if those Bruneians had that much money to spend, since it would be "THEIR PERSONAL finance", wouldn't they be spending within reason, perhaps getting a boat-load of luxury cars so long as it's within their margin? Or perhaps they'd flaunt and spend until nothing is there.

What Bullshit is that? The only bullshit is your words. I love my king and want to serve him in as many ways as possible. The royal family are still human beings dude, prone to making mistakes. Prince Jeffry, though he may have committed acts of treason against the state, was a visionary who transformed the face of Brunei. I admire him, but I do not admire his habits. Sir, are you mad? Jeffry's Alliance?? I only take the side of His Majesty.

Yes, I kind of do think you are a moron because you boldly state with no evidence. I've already run your name through the inner circles and nobody knows who you are.

Dude, that scandal is public knowledge, but we refuse to talk about it.

I am a ghost? Sir, you are a ghost!!!! Why don't you advise your full name dude, then I'll give you mine. If I can run your name through officials, title included, with no problem at all, then my name is yours to know.

Did I claim I was the king? Maybe i'm the king of my own bedroom, but not my country you idiot. It's protocol within the royal family to do as such, and if you didn't know that, you raise a red-flag in my head buddy.

HAHAHAHAHA That will be the day compadre, chemistry my ass, more like a reaction gone wrong in the head dude.

Nice saying... I'll remember that when I've got my own dog food chain - Nobility Kibbles and Bits: nobility doesn't mean you have a noble heart :) heart-attack risk able.


Re: Baki akaun

that was a long time ago u idiot. His Majesty have done so much to improve the welfare of its citizens.

Just stop acting like you know everything lah. It annoys me to the core.

So what if they're low class? it doesn't make you any better than them.



ape maksud semua ni? nama ayah lain, tp mengaku anak sultan. anak tiri ka atau anak tiruan? hahaha sultan brunei xnak wat statement ke? negara brunei dah la negara berdaulat, x syok la kalo biar mende2 mcm ni berleluasa.


Re: Haha

Ia ani minta duit... abis cerita.. hahahahahaha


Re: Haha

mak kau pelacur ke apa ni luqie? berapa banyak bapak kau ada agaknya? kesian rabak mak kau.

Re: Haha

Apa gila kau... kenapa kau tak buat jer report polis ??? pergi la aku cabar ??? kalau tak betul kenapa aku tak kena tangkap ke I.S.A ke ???

Tu la beza nya kau yang low class, pangkat tak besar mana... tak boleh capai ke atas, tak boleh bercakap dengan pihak atasan... sedar sikit taraf... kau orang bawahan apa tahu... otak sudah lah bodoh, cakap pula banyak !!!

Oiii sakai... di dalam islam, hukuman adalah berdosa besar jika membuang atau tidak berbin kan nama bapa kandung, walaupun anak angkat !!! Kerana itu aku taruk nama aku Luqmanul Hakim Bolkiah bin Abd Rahim... aku berbin kan nama arwah bapa kandung aku, dalam masa yang sama ada nama Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah. Nama "Bolkiah" itu bermula dari Sultan Hassanal Bokiah, dan nama Bolkiah itu kini telah menjadi "sir name" keluarga diraja brunei. Aku yang start buat... hingga kan nama cucu baginda pun kini dinama kan dengan Bolkiah di hujung nama mereka. AKU YANG START !!!

Dan nama Luqmanul Hakim BOLKIAH bin Abd. Rahim itu di perkenankan oleh baginda...

Kau siapa nak mengajar aku wahai manusia bodoh ??? setakat ilmu besar tahi hidung aku, kau pergi main jauh jauh... sudah lah bodoh, ilmu rendah, cakap banyak pula kau.... cermin diri dulu taraf otak bodoh kau dengan taraf otak genius aku, tak setaraf langsung !!! pasal kau bodoh la tak famous... kalau setakat famous pasal artis... tak payah cerita.... ni famous pasal genius... lain !!! OK...


Re: Haha

Aku yang start ! Aku yang start ! mengalahkan anak- anak kecik dalam darjah pra. Lihat aku cikgu ! Aku genius ! Aku yang start ! LIHAT LAH AKU ! AKU GENIUS ! ORANG LAIN BODOH !

Inilah sikap si genius ... eh ? sudah tukar lampin kah anaku luqiee



Re: Haha

You started it? Really? Wow.


Re: Haha

haha padanla.... haha 'bingo' haha


Re: Haha

Luqie budak perasan. Nya org Brunei mengada ngada usul nya. Sikit2 I.S.A sikit2 IP address. D tagur secara baik, di balas nya jahat. Sadar diri lah. Apa yang kau tulis ani mcm copy n paste saja.. Mengakun pintar tapi otak di tuhut..



Re: Haha

Pelik2 org zaman skrg..
Blog ko ni kadang2 ada gak bende ilmiah, tp tercemar dek sikap amarah dan paranoid ko ni.
Kenapa la ko obses sgt nk jadi genius dan famous? Penting ke? Ko taruk isi blog ko bkn main byk ayat ALQuran, hadis dan kata2 hikmah, tp ko panggil org lain bodoh, beruk dan low class. X selari langsung. Islam promote kesedarhanaan la bro.
Konon cabar suh report polis, jap g polis datang kunci pintu umah. Wakaka, dah masuk jel pon x insaf2 lg. Ko x kena ISA, bkn sbb pangkat tinggi, sbb mmg x berpengaruh pon. Hahaha
Org yg ko tuduh2 dlm blog ni, sorang pon xkena hukum mcm yg ko nak. Ape kes???


Re: Haha

Wahai pembace blog sekelian, ini bukan genius, dia ni seorang beggar yang cemburu akan orang lain. Dia jua nak kereta mewah, rumah mewah macam orang lain di Malaysia mau pun di Brunei.

Tiap-tiap hari dia bangun, melihat dunia luar and berfikir "Alangkah bagus kalau saya anak raja, mesti semua respect aku. Mesti aku tinggal di rumah mewah, enjoy di tempat esotik."

Lapas tum ia sadar " sedihnya hidup aku, ini mesti kerja orang lain, aku special, my momma selalu kata aku special. Yes ! memang kerja orang lain. I'm special. I'm special. My mommy would never lie to me. Because i'm special !!!"

Ia nampak orang bawa kereta mewah " That is my car !, mommy said so because i am special, nanti kau, tunngu aku log in my blog, habis kau ! I'm special dammit ! "


Re: Haha



Re: Haha

it's "surname". itulah, tak baik tau kutuk2 orang lain punya english tak elok. tak baik jugak panggil orang bodoh tau, anak2 raja, hatta anak angkat raja, walaupun anak pencacai angkat najis sekalipun ada bagusnya rendah diri. baginda mesti tolong anda melihatkan anda anak angkat yang baik, rendah diri dan tak bermegah diri. rendah diri bukan ke amalan orang yang soleh? anda seorang soleh yang genius kan? tips: lepas taip kalau ada kaler merah2 bawah perkataan tu..right click ayat, betulkan. okay, bro? tak kisahlah sapa yang start..sapa pedulik pun.


he just wants attention from others cos nobody else in his life cares.


Sooooo weird...

Damn, I think the person who wrote this is completely delusional and would really need to see a psychiatrist. No person in the right mind would write something soooo weird.. And believe me when I say this, I've seen a lot of weird shit, but this takes the cake.. Even if you really did personally know the Sultan of Brunei, why on earth would you want to tell the whole world about your relationship with him on this site? Why not just email or call the person directly? Seriously dude, you've got some serious issues.


buduh palui jua kau ani. Behpa th kau kn minta duit arah sultan kami ah? Bukannya kau kaya dri forex mu atu kn? Ani kenapa tia? Hahahahahah.

Ps; it's 'surname' aka family name not 'sirname'


oh yeah, i doubt our sultan would ever give you money. Not even a single cent. And who are you to him? Yang kau post panjang2 instruction atu, mcm tah sultan kami nda tau kali. He knows everything. Nda payah d ajar pun ia pandai.


The name of this blog should be renamed as

Dear IP : @ 131-192.adsl.static.espeed.com.bn

Do u know how to fly kite ??? go fly kite...

Dear IP : @ Brunet

Go fly kite... or read some books !!!

In Brunei, The Sultan is VETO POWER, u involves with matters like this, u will be I.S.A.

Believe me... i know ur king well. He hates when viruses flaunt into his country nor people


Hahaha banar tu ehhh! The day HM transfers that kind of cash to this badut, will be the day people stop going to gadong.

Never in my life have I ever heard of you, luqiee. Bruneians know everything about each other including the Royal Family - it's in the MIB dude, if you even know what that is; plus, it's a small-ass country; my neighbor is anyone from where I stand to the edge of the country so such information is nothing short of easily accessible.

I ought to run your name through KDN, they'll have one hell of a laugh. If you are his son, why post on the internet at all - ain't nothing but a phone call...

Oh, oh - i'd love to hear your "royal title" too "YTM".

And I agree with the guy above... If I had a million dollars in my account right now, I'd probably already know how to do this shit, let alone the multi-billions our king respectively has.

Please don't insult our King as such, making him look stupid before the public eye, claiming outrageous assertions that you are blood-kin with His Majesty, without a single drop of proof and evidence.

Or you can come down to Brunei and start your charade in person right here - i'm sure we'll enjoy reading it in the Borneo Bulletin; which probably won't be posted by order of His Majesty, but perhaps we all can enjoy this "false identity story" within the inner circles of our government.

If you are who you say you are (which I highly, highly, absolutely highly doubt), good luck fighting a complete and total breech of royal customs and protocol, sir - you just committed a federal offense, bro.
Dear IP : @ 48-154.static.espeed.com.bn

I'm not listening to u... i believe what i believes in !!! U r not the king... if u r rightful to what u said, please put your fullname here !!!

I don't take advise from a ghost. DITTO !!!
it's really really freaking annoying to see your grammar mistakes dude! claim yourself a genius, but u failed basic grammar!

for god sake, i believe NOT i believes!

u love to read, so go buy grammar book, read the first page, title: SVA.




dear IP :

Correction, its CLAIMED yourself a genius... not CLAIM u illiterate tweak !!!

another thing... since when must a genius be motivated by English ??? there are alot great genius in the world whom does speaks english nor propertly. i.e Einstein ? Da Vinci ?

That is only a language... not BRAIN... u dumb ass !!!



anak sultan dok apartment je????

gila perhatian punya budak



1- Go and sign in urself at Tanjung Rambutan..
2- You are delusional..Enough said..
3- If this is only a technique you used to gain traffic, it was a profit at least for this night..Tomorrow, just a piece of crap..Please don't influence people with shitty things..Owh, I think I dont have to worry about it since no one are going to visit u tomorrow excludes urself..



Luqman nak carik orang dengan apa? LRT? HOHOHO


ahahahaha! be nice people..
he's just a gay schizophrenic..

pondan skizo.. sile teruskan berblogging.. sesungguhnye ko nih la yg membuat dunia internet ceria.. lol!
with u around.. we can laugh everyday..


You're damn stupid in so many ways

1 - Your language is nonsense.Shows nothing like you are anything above average."How ever" is not the same as "however".Please learn more for your own good.
2 - You got butthurt quite a lot I see lately.It is your own fault actually.Telling people you're this and that and then saying mean things to people.
3 - Try not to use ISA and papa@sultan.I don't think he even ever heard of you.You're just someone who has a pc and internet connection.That's it.

P/s: You look so gay right now.TQ
fucking stupid.hahahaha


Red flags are never good.

If you were adopted by a member of the royal family, then you would know this. You don't get a title. The title 'Pengiran Muda/Anak' is hereditary. If none of your biological parents are of royal blood, you don't get to be Pengiran Anak/Pengiran Muda.

Now. That is one red flag for you. Shall I raise more of the very obvious ones?

You are a freaky, schizophrenic, delusional twat who has too much time on his hands. You also have a lot of hatred inside you. Please get help. Get off that imaginary high horse of yours and check yourself into a mental hospital. You would do yourself a favour. I think you would do everyone a favour.

My apologies if I struck a nerve. Get well soon, bro.

p.s. The only reason why you get our IP addresses is because your LiveJournal logs the IP addresses. We can read. Y-you know that, right?

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